• Enjoyers of Jesus


    We are three lovers of the Lord. Wherever we have been, we have discovered that Jesus is a living and wonderful Person, the Life-giving Spirit mingled with our human spirit. Whenever we call, "Oh Lord Jesus," we drink Him in as rivers of living water. In launching this group blog, we would like to share our experiences of these waters with you. Please leave comments!

    Jason, Marcia and Joanna

Being Empowered in the One

Ch.1 A Life Full of Forbearance but without Anxiety “Rejoice in the Lord always again I will say rejoice. Let your forbearance be known to all men..The Lord is near. In nothing be anxious, but in everything, by prayer and petition with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God.”––Phil 4:4-6 Can we honestly … Continue reading

How to Come Back to God

How to Come Back to God from Lost and Found (Bibles for America gospel tract) “Because this son of mine was dead and lives again; he was lost and has been found. And they began to be merry.”––Luke 15:24 At some point in our lives, we may have encountered the same experience as the young man in … Continue reading

2011 RBSA Brazil Gospel Trip

“Thus, the word of the Lord grew mightily and prevailed” Acts 19:20 August 1, 2011 saints and trainees from different parts of the world came for the continuation of the Lords move and further spread in Brazil. Prior toarrival in our hub city Sao Paulo for orientation. We received the commission and burden from the … Continue reading

2011 GTCA Gospel Trip to Indianapolis

Praise the Lord for his move here in Indianapolis. It has been such a glorious experience, having a chance to take part in the spread of the Lord here in the mid west. I certainly have treasured my time here these past two weeks, and can testify that the he has gained the victory here … Continue reading

Letter from an Editor

Hi everyone, It’s been encouraging to read all your comments. I think we were surprised that people seem to flock to the testimonies page first. It makes sense, though. Our stories probably make this blog more personal. Anyway, we’ve been experimenting a little bit. None of us are incredibly tech-y, but we like the idea … Continue reading

The All Inclusive Christ by Witness Lee

The Goodness of The Land-Its Unsearchable Riches “For Jehovah your God is bringing you to a good land, a land of water brooks, of Springs and of fountains, flowing forth in valleys and in mountains” (Deuteronomy 8:7) In the book “The All Inclusive Christ” Witness Lee describes to us the many aspects of the goodness … Continue reading

Abiding in The Vine Hymn

We’ve found the secret of  living, We’ve seen the vision divine: We are of God in Christ Jesus, We’re abiding, abiding in the vine.   Abiding in the vine, Abiding in the vine, All the riches of God’s life are mine! Praise God, He put us here, Never to leave; oh, we’re— Abiding, abiding in … Continue reading

The Key to Experiencing Christ- The Human Spirit

 Basic Elements of the Christian Life vol 1 By Watchman Nee & Witness Lee The Key to Experiencing Christ-The Human Spirit “Before entering a locked room we must know the key and how to use it. Likewise before we can enter into the reality of experiencing all the fullness of Christ, we must know … Continue reading

Basic Elements of the Christian Life By Watchman Nee and Witness Lee Assurance, Security and Joy of Salvation 1 John 5:13 “I have written these things to you that you may know that you have eternal life, to you who believe into the name of the Son of God. As Christians we don’t have to … Continue reading